More features + more control = less energy use

The IQ E thermostat will allow you control of the following features direct from your smartphone


 Adjusting the current room temperature set point 

Simply use your finger to rotate the on screen thermostat to select your desired temperature - This will remain in place until the next scheduled switching point. Alternatively touch the icon at the bottom of the dial (the pencil denotes following the preset schedule) then select one of the four preset permanent hold temperatures shown on the left.  These too can be set by simply sliding the on screen adjuster with your finger.

Programming the timed schedule

The IQ E Thermostat is designed to program for Monday to Friday  Saturday and Sunday Each  have six switching points to adjust swipe the thermostat screen right to left to reveal the menu (above right)  and select schedule setting  then tap on any parameter to adjust.  

Then on the screen displayed below  set the time using the slide at the top of the screen and set the temperature using the thermostat dial

                                                                           Simple yet brilliant :  IQ E Thermostat