Open the App on your phone, you will see the screen shown (above Left)  Press the + symbol to add a device.                                                 You will now see the screen shown (above Right),  Enter the Wifi password for your router,  ensuring there are no spaces after the password and take care as your password is case sensitive

Once you have entered the password Press Air Start on your phone  and go to your IQ E Thermostat


 Press the green wifi symbol at the top of the thermostat screen (above left) you will now see a screen as shown here (top Right)                      Press the green wifi symbol on the bottom of this screen then press OK (below Left)......Wait for pairing can take a few minutes

Once you have successfully paired your IQ E Thermostat/s with your Smartphone  you can name each device,  this is done by swiping the thermostat screen from right to left and selecting enter device name from menu then by touching the name (right below) and Icon left below you can introduce names for your thermostat/s and replace the Icon with your chosen picture from your files. 

You will now have screens on your phone and thermostat as you see here on the left.


Your all done and good to go!

To learn about naming your device set schedules and get to know your IQ E thermostat better go to the Features page.